Six Items not to Buy for Your Baby's Nursery

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In the excitement of getting ready  for baby; one of the great joys is furnishing the nursery. New parents want to get everything they might possibly need. They register on line and in stores. They shop and look and dream. Everything looks appealing and they want it all. It is so confusing for the first time parents who don't really know what baby needs . Going into a shop that sells cribs and high chairs is like going into a big box store that has so many choices. There are hundreds of items but no clear idea of what to buy and what is lasting. So many items are adorable and seem just right. How does the new expectant parent know what is going to last. Do they buy the trendy character bedding, the largest stroller or the latest colored carpet with bold designs. It's like walking into a used car lot and seeing all of the models but not knowing the performance or quality. Everything looks shiny and bright; but how do you know that they will last.

At our expertise and experience has given us the ability to know what baby needs and what new mothers want. As mothers and now grandmothers, our sixteen years in the baby gift business has taught us what's what. We know what gifts will stand the test of time.

Here are six mistakes to avoid when furnishing your new nursery.

1.Don't impulsively buy any car seat, high chair or stroller without researching. The big beautiful stroller may be a nightmare to take out of your trunk. If you are a city parent, a small stroller might not handle the cribs and bumps of city streets.These are items that are expensive and that you will have to live with. Ask friends and family members and google reviews. If someone has a piece of equipment that they love , it is often worth spending the time and money to clean and recover and reuse.

2. Don't buy trendy character bedding or drapes for the nursery. What is cool today could be out of style tomorrow and you are stuck with super heroes or frogs or some dreadful animal design that your two year old will hate.

3. Don't spend extra money or the fanciest crib that will convert into a toddler bed. The chances are by the time your baby is a toddler; you may have another baby who will need the crib or you will have lost the pieces to convert the crib. Most toddlers do very well in a regular twin bed with rails. Toddler beds really only last for the shortest time and are not worth the extra money that they add on to the crib. Plus they make the crib really heavy so it is hard to move around the room.

4. Don't buy a small bookcase because you are only storing tiny baby books. Baby will grow rapidly and so will his library and you will need a large bookcase before you know it. Books are important to baby's development and you will be buying many. Books are never thrown out and your child will want to save his favorite board books forever.

5. Don't buy a dresser instead of a dressing table. You will change your baby a zillion times a day. A changing table is where you will store your diapers, creams and other stuff. A changing table has a soft pad to lay baby on and you can cover it with a handy contoured specially made sheet that can be washed. Changing tables come with drawers for clothes so you can reach easily underneath the changing pad and pull out clean clothes. Dressers do  not have the proper space to change baby. You don't need both so eliminate the dresser.

6. Don't waste the money on a fancy rocker or recliner. They take up so much room. The nursery is not the only place you are going to feed or cuddle your baby. These rockers can't be easily moved.

Don't clutter your nursery. You need plenty of space for baby to crawl and practice tummy time on the floor. The nursery should be kept super clean and it is hard to dust and vacuum if there are so many things around.

Here is our short list of things to do.

Do buy plenty of soft hooded towels to cover baby after bath time. Baby will probably have several baths a day so you want a lot of towels handy.

Do buy the softest baby blanket to cover him; this will become his favorite go to comforter.

Do buy plush toys that have soft fur with no button eyes or lose ribbons that can get tangled.

Every baby needs his own security blanket. Pick a cute animal style. Add personalization whenever possible. Personalization helps your baby learn his name and makes everything a treasure.

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