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A baby's nursery is important even more than before. Coping with the pandemic makes us want to create the most secure and pleasant environment for a new baby. Dotting all of the "i's" and crossing all the "t's" in preparing baby's room is even more important than ever.  Make sure you have a complete layette to fill that perfect nursery.


How to Buy a Baby Gift During the Covid Virus Pandemic

Buying a baby gift should be a happy event. Everyone loves a newborn and bringing a gift to the hospital or to the family is exciting. Unfortunately, in this strange world of social distancing and self quarantine what was easy is now near impossible. Shopping is difficult; stores do not have a good supply and [...]

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How to Host a Virtual Baby Shower

Celebrate baby's birth with a virtual baby shower.The world is different but babies are still born every day and the new mother is just as excited about her baby and what baby needs as mothers in past generation. Baby essentials are timeless and the mother to be with appreciate gifts for the baby more than [...]

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Does Your Baby Spend Too Much Screen Time and Too Little Tummy Time?

Does Your Baby Spend Too Much Screen Time and Too Little Tummy Time?A new baby is overwhelming for a first time mom or even a veteran mom if the new baby is fussy. In our age of easy fixes and gadgets; the average mother can choose from dozens of devices to entertain baby. There are [...]

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Why are Corporate Baby Gifts Important?

Corporate Gifting is the number one way to show that your business likes people and has an interest in their personal life. Corporate Baby Gifts are an easy way of showing appreciation and value. A baby blanket with your business logo is more than the price of the gift; it is the sum of all [...]

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Add Black and White to Baby's Nursery and Layette

Did you know that the first colors baby can recognize are black and white? None of the beautiful plush toys in pink or blue will be seen except as shades of black and white. A smart parent makes sure that there are black and white items in baby's nursery from the first day he arrives [...]

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Human Contact is our Gift to You

Human contact is the new luxury item. At we are available to personally work with our customers every step of the way when they want a baby gift. Whether it is an expensive #cashmere baby blanket with a monogram or an adorable #plushjellycat with a name; our customers always get our undivided attention. Research [...]

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Tips to Keep Baby's Towels Soft

Hooded towels are one of the essentials of any baby's layette. Because bath time is so important in daily activities; a mother can easily go through two to three towels a day. Having a soft fluffy towel is key to drying baby off and keeping him warm and secure. No one wants to wash every [...]

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Personalization Give your Baby's Layette a Sense of Style

It is never to early to develop your infants since of style so that they will stand out from the crowd.Style is a highly subjective quality. Some people have it and some people don't . Jackie Kennedy had it and she could wear white jeans and sun glasses and that became stylish. Today people desperately [...]

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Are you tired of sending a baby gift and not getting a thankyou?

So many babies are being born and everyone receives so many birth announcements! If you are like me; I feel guilty until I send the baby a gift. But so many new mothers don't feel guilty about not acknowledging the gift.  Are  you as tired as I am of hearing the same old excuses that [...]

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