Add Black and White to Baby's Nursery and Layette


Did you know that the first colors baby can recognize are black and white? None of the beautiful plush toys in pink or blue will be seen except as shades of black and white. A smart parent makes sure that there are black and white items in baby's nursery from the first day he arrives home from the hospital. Gradually he will recognize other hues of the rainbow and a colorful nursery will be appreciated as he grows but in the beginning stick to the basics and that is black and white. 

Black and white are staple colors in any adult wardrobe; but how do you add black and white to an infant's life? Once you get the hand of it there are so many options. The easiest solution is to make sure that the first plush toy baby cuddles is a white lamb or bunny. The softest plush toy on the planet is made by Jellycat and our adorable 12 inch twinkle bunny in white plush is a dreamy friend. Two cute ears to tickle and learn to enjoy the sensation of touch and a soft embroidered mouth to love makes this the perfect bashful pal. Another easy little fellow to tuck into the crib or stroller is Bearington's white lamby snuggler with a silky lining that is irresistible to little fingers. This little guy is easy to love and washes well as often as you like. Security blankees like this one are essential to baby's first year. A black and white cow is always cute to add to the toy chest as well as tuxedo cats and dark gray elephants.

White can always be added to the nursery d├ęcor. It can be as simple as applying a coat of white trim to the moldling or trim or marking sure that there are some white sheets in the crib. White baby clothes are easy to find and a soft white cotton towel can be trimmed in a colorful gingham. Adding  a crisp white pillow with an embroidered baby name on a chair or rocker. will introduce white to a keepsake that baby will take from nursery to a toddler room.

Black is a little more difficult to add to a layette. The easiest way is to find books with black on the covers or monogram a baby blanket with elegant black script or block. Pictures can be framed in sharp looking black frames and black and white photography never goes out of style. Buy a cool light fixtures or lamp in black. Add a charcoal gray belly blanket to the floor. Our adorable dark gray elephant lil spout belly blanket has a thousand uses. It is perfect for tummy time and looks awesome embroidered in pink or blue font. It looks super cool in red and black as well. Baby's name will pop out in these colors and be a smashing accessory.

Every color scheme looks great with black and white. No one every gets tired of these colors. Black and white never goes out of style so the basics that are black and white can grow with baby as he goes from toddler hood to teenage years. Add black and white to your favorite pink or blue color scheme and see how dazzling the results will be.Today's kids love black and white so getting started early with everyone's favorite colors.

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