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Today's child is really lucky because years ago there were no stuffed toys.

The 1830's saw the introduction of stuffed toys. These were not the soft, stuffing-filled plush toys that we have today. These were made at home from cloth and straw, and were more like sock puppets than the factory-made toys that kids enjoy today. Taxidermists are really responsible for the creation of plush furry animals because their real stuffed animals became the model to copy. 

It wasn't until 1880, that stuffed animals finally took on the look of the toys that we see today. They were first made and sold in Germany. They were made from rather expensive materials, but with more technology and tests on the softness of plush animals, cotton and even synthetic fibers became more popular as materials. Even small beans were used to stuff toys, which could then be tossed around and played with.

It is hard to imagine a nursery today without a teddy bear.  It is said that the teddy bear was named after President Theodore Roosevelt, who was approached by a toy manufacturer interested in having a line of stuffed animals. So having plush toys isn't just about getting the right materials, it's also having the right people to inspire you!

Baby Stuffed Animals with Embroidered Names are Cherished

Newborn babies cannot resist cuddly, soft, warm plush baby toys. Personalized stuffed animals for babies are a popular baby gift for showers or newborn presents. Little ones love Jellycats of all kinds, Baby Gund spunky puppy comfy cozies, belly blankets and huggy budddies. With so many choices to select from, we recommend to look for ones for babies that are small enough for them to carry and cuddle; older kids can enjoy larger plush toys. Above all make sure that they are cute, soft, luxurious and fun to play with. 

Bunnies have always been a favorite stuffed toy.., Whether it is a white rabbit or a chocolate bunny, the long floppy ears are delicious for babies to nibble on and even better for Namely Newborns to embroider a name or monogram in wonderful colored threads. Ever since Peter Rabbit immortalized Flopsy and Mopsy, no nursery is complete without a soft bunny. Jellycats make the cutest bunnies; they are available in pink, blue, white, brown, gray and lavender. A baby can never have too many supersoft jellycats as a snuggle buddy.

When you didn't think any one could improve on the soothing charm of stuffed animals, comfy cozies and belly blankets were created. These large furry blankets with adorable animal heads have a million and one uses. Belly blankets and comfy cozies are easy for children to engage in imaginative playtime, perfect for tummy time or for the toddler to carry around for security or to cuddle next to. For that extra special touch, everything can be personalized with the child’s name or monogram. Nap time or good night time will be made easier when baby has a favorite friend to sleep next to him. Plush toys will quickly become baby's cherished, lovable item to take to bed. Children become very attached to these soothers and you can't substitute a new one for their old favorite. Babies are smarter than you think; they can tell the difference. Think about buying two in the event one gets lost or needs to be washed. Who wants a sleepless night as baby cries out for the comforting, favorite bedtime friend who is in the hamper waiting to be washed.

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