Blankets Under $50

Personalized Baby Blankets Under $50 : Affordable Luxury

Baby Blankets are the most popular gift for the newborn. An elegantl, soft crib blanket is always an important infant gift and a personalized  baby blanket is an instant keepsake. Babies grow very attached to their first blankee; being swaddled in soft muslim or cotton fabric or tucked into bed with a plush covering is the closest thing to the security of floating in mother's womb. It is the extension of the loving arms of their mother so it is critical that this first one is of the highest quality and durability as it needs to last a long time. You may even want to buy two exactly alike so that if one gets lost or washed baby will have a spare.


Baby Blankets with Free Names

At Namely Newborns, our personal shoppers will help you select the perfect personalized baby blanket. Our team can help you pick a luxury present to delight and please the most discriminating mom. We stand behind our product and promise the highest quality and offer superior embroidery in our workshop located in Miami, Florida. FREE NAMES are exquisitely embroidered on all  blankets in this category. It is hard to believe that you can get a beautifully personalized baby gift for as little as $30.00 with one free name.

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