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A gift or present is defined as giving something to someone without expectations of payment.The gift is never owned by the recepient; it is meant to be free. Welcoming a child into a new family or community with a gift is one of the things that bind the people of all cultures together. Extending one's best wishes and bringing shower gifts to celebrate a newborn's arrival dates back over two thousand years to the Roman and Egyptian empires. In those early times, village women would gather for days and sew and prepare clothing and blankets for the new baby. One of the earliest references to gifting a baby is in the Bible when the gifts of the three wise men are described.

Having a party to celebrate with the pregnant mom before the baby is born is a new concept which started after World War II. As more and more people started having families and people began to move all over the country, many expectant mothers found that they were in new communities far away from close friends and parents. The baby shower developed as a way to socialize and help new mothers acquire the needed supplies for the birth of their baby.

Gifts for twins are always a challenge because you want to give both babies something of equal value. Since twins are more common than every before; out team has found a clever way of making each gift unique. Personalize each identical item with a different color thread and you have created something very cool for each twin.

 The twenty first century has taken this concept to a new level. No longer do women sit around a sewing circles making baby things or crocheting booties and caps. No one would think of sending a hand me down as as a welcoming present. An effort is made to find the newest the most wonderful, something truly amazing and ,of course, useful. An easy solution is to buy whatever is on the registry; but we guarantee that these will never become keepsakes .  

Gift Sets For Baby With Names

Here are some terrific suggestions for personalized newborn gifts. If you are looking for that "over the top" luxury item, personalized baby gift sets are the #1 choice for baby shower and newborn baby gifts. The old saying that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole is certainly true here. Small essentials like bibs, burps, towels and security blankets take on a new importance when they are combined with a baby blanket and grouped in beautiful collections that have themes. Buy a group gift with friends and let us help you organize a personalized baby gift set that will wow everyone. An adorable collection of baby products that feature elephants or lambs make a great impression especially when monogrammed. Sports themed collections are very popular for baby boys and can include products that have appliques of popular sports like football or baseball. You can stick to one sport or have a selection of baby products representing all of the popular sports. A combination of ballet tutus, ballet bears and coordinating pillows with appliqued toe shoes is a perfect idea for a baby girl. Select from a large assortment of irresistible personalized baby gift sets which can include plush blankets, soft hooded towels, luxurious layette items, cuddly plush toys, colorful bibs and burps that match or coordinate. Many of these products come in 100% organic cotton and can be monogrammed or embroidered for the ultimate custom baby gift set. Guests will ooh and ahh when the Mom to be opens your gift. Grandparents, friends and family show how much they care when presenting a personalized baby gift set.  Any of these combinations can be beautifully cellophane wrapped in a reusable wicker basket and tied with tons of beautiful ribbons to make an extra special impression on the family of the newborn baby when you send a personalized baby gift basket.

Baby Gift Bundles

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