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Kids Scarves

Looking for a one size fits all gift for any kid in the family; our "must have" personalized scarf is an easy solution for "what to give" an older sibling when you send a newborn of gift. It is also an amazing present to celebrate a special birthday or holiday. There are loads of choices from classic scarves with stars or hip patterns with vintage motorcycles and peace signs. These are lasting presents that are practical as well as beautiful. What ever your selection, you are guaranteed a quality product made of the finest acrylic yarn and manufactured in the U.S.A. by Butterscotch Blankees.

Remember that when you keep a child's neck warm; you help prevent colds and infections. Buying a scarf is a small price to pay for insuring a child stays warm and well. Many scarves have matching hats. Our team will be happy to help you custom an amazing gift for baby brother or sister in one of 26 colors and accents.  Imagine what a cute family picture a set of adorable heads covered with personalized hats and wrapped in matching scarves would be.