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Belly Blankets & Baby Mats are Cool Personalized Baby Toys

Discover why baby belly blankets are a favorite baby gift when you buy a soft plush animal with a blanket body. Available in posh blue and pink dots to match baby blankets or in monkey or puppy styles as well as baseball and football belly blankets. Elephants and giraffes have become really popular and add a unique touch to a nursery with animal themes. These adorable animal friends are large enough to cuddle with and drag through the house.

Belly Blankets  & Baby Mats with Embroidered Names

Add an embroidered  name or three letter monogram on your belly blanket or baby mat and you have created an instant keepsake that will be used for tummy time or simply as a soother when baby needs comfort. Because pediatricians recommend that baby spend a certain amount of time on their tummies each day, this awesome blankets  are essential for every nursery. Sure to become a keepsake, when names are added in beautiful embroidered thread colors. Make this your signature gift for all the new babies in your life.