How to Buy a Baby Gift During the Covid Virus Pandemic

How to Buy a Baby Gift During the Covid Virus Pandemic

Posted by on May 30th 2020

Buying a baby gift should be a happy event. Everyone loves a newborn and bringing a gift to the hospital or to the family is exciting. Unfortunately, in this strange world of social distancing and self quarantine what was easy is now near impossible. Shopping is difficult; stores do not have a good supply and everything is a challenge.

Because of the #coronovavirus epidemic hospitals do not allow any visitors in to view the new baby in the neonatal unit or to bring flowers or presents to the new mom. Even the dads are not allowed in during delivery and family and friends need to wait until the baby comes home in order to visit. Many families will not allow anyone to see the new baby even when they arrive home. Infants are fragile and moms and dads are extra protective during this epidemic.

The only viable solution is to send baby a gift that is delivered to the house. Here are our  suggestions as to the safest things to send a new baby.  Send an essential item that does not need to be returned.  Remember it is always difficult for the new mom to find the time to return gifts under normal circumanstances but today she certainly doesn't want to go to a mall and expose herself or her new baby and she doesn't want to go to the post office where she will have to wait in line to send a gift back.

The most important gift  is a baby blanket. The warmth and softness of a blanket is the closest substitute for the security  of the womb. Baby will often attach himself to this blanket and use it for comfort through out his toddler years. You can never have too many blankets and especially now when it is hard to find detergent; a new mother doesn't want to wash constantly.  Buying a blanket is a no brainer; there is no size to worry about. The only decision is color and it is always safe to buy a blue gift for a baby boy and pink for a baby girl. Gray has become the hottest new gender neutral color and everyone loves gray because it matches strollers and car seats. At we embroider one free name or three letter monogram on the blanket so a gray blanket can also be made girly with pink embroidery and blue or navy can be used for any baby boy.

The second most practical gift is a hooded towel. Bath time is still a ritual that is important and there are never enough towels to keep baby warm and dry. Again, with washing a problem because of time and lack of detergents; it is important to have a large supply of hooded towels. Here is an opportunity to send colorful towels with appliques and designs like lambs and fire trucks, butterflies and stripes.

Plush toys like bashful jelly cat bunnies are the third most essential baby gift. Especially, now baby will enjoy the extra security of a plush toy to love and cuddle up to. These adorable soft bunnies are one of the best tools mom can employ to help baby sleep. They are available in pink, blue, gray, lilac and beige.

 Belly blankets are another wonderful baby gift. Measuring 29" by 35" there is a plenty of room for baby to play. It is a safe place to put baby on the floor when mom wants to go into the kitchen or media room.
They are great for tummy time or to put on the floor to use as a mat. They brighten up the nursery and we can embroider a name or initial We have puppies in pink or blue and this adorable lil spout with a matching security blanket. we offer an extensive variety of baby gifts that we embroider. Our personal shopper will assist in choosing the right gift for your baby. Our embroidery workshop is clean and we supervise every package that is mailed. One of us will personally write your gift message and wrap your gift professionally is a gift bag or box.We are here to help you celebrate a baby's birth with our guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results.