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Personalize a Security Blanket

Every baby needs their very own security blanket;in fact, we suggest buying two -when one is in the wash or gets lost your baby still has a spare. No one wants to watch baby have a melt down, when the favorite buddy is in the washing machine.This special friend will help baby sleep peacefully, comfort baby when  travelling in a carseat or waiting for checkups with the doctor. Babies chew on it, spit up on it, throw it around when attention is wanted and cling to it passionately if anyone tries to take it away-babies become inseparable from their favorite blankie. Security blankets from Gund, Barefoot Dreams, Apple Park and Angel Dear are made of super soft, cuddly material perfect for soothing baby and even come in 100% organic cotton.

Blankies with Names

 Available in soft colors to complement your nursery or stroller, they can be personalized with baby's name for an extra special newborn baby gift or  baby shower gift. They are an essential to any layette and since they are reasonably priced they make a great add on for any baby gift. Choose from a wide selection including bunnies, giraffes, monkeys, frogs, lambs and elephants. Buy one of these super soft blankies today. Don't forget about the importance of organic when you are buying a security blanket. Baby puts his mouth and face all over his favorite lovie; so we suggest adding an organic blankie or two that are 100% organic cotton.

Security Blankets

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