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Twin Baby Gifts

Twins are twice the fun and we have a wonderful selection of personalized baby gifts for twins that will make you do a double take! Our team has put together fun gifts for identical baby boys and baby girls as well as classic keepsakes for fraternal twins that include baby blankets, hooded baby towels, security blankets, plush toys and beautiful handcrafted baby quilts. What to select, can be tricky and our staff is available to help you dream up something magical to celebrate this amazing event. At we specialize in gifts for twins and multiples including twin gift baskets, multiple or twin gift packages, baby twin newborn gifts and twin gifts with names.

Personalized Gift for Twins

All presents for twins can be personalized so that even if the gifts are identical, they are still unique - just like twins! Although it is always appropriate to give both twins the same thing; its clever to give the same item, but  in different colors so that at an early age they can identify which one belongs to them. Another way of making the exact same gift unique is to choose a different color for the embroidery on each gift. A child may not be able to read his name, but it doesn't take long to recognize which color spells his name. Sometimes, one product will work for both children if the gift is embroidered with each baby's name. For example. a wipe box for the nursery or a quilt to hang on the wall embroidered with both names is a good example of making a shared item personal for each infant. 

Looking for a way to welcome the new arrivals in style, look no further. Namely Newborns understands that quality is the number one priority.  Nothing says ‘I care’ like personalized twin baby blankets or two monogrammed stuffed animals. As more and more multiples are born each year, it is challenging to come up with creative ideas. Our professional shoppers will help you create a keepsake that can be enjoyed for years to come.  Timeless personalized gifts can become sentimental treasures for children as they grow up.  Twins are a special gift and they deserve a special twin baby gift with a name embroidered especially for them.

Twin Gifts

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