How to Host a Virtual Baby Shower

May 21st 2020

Celebrate baby's birth with a virtual baby shower.The world is different but babies are still born every day and the new mother is just as excited about her baby and what baby needs as mothers in past generation. Baby essentials are timeless and the mother to be with appreciate gifts for the baby more than ever because shopping is so difficult in today's crazy world. Our favorite baby shower gifts include baby blankets, hooded towels, bibs and plush toys and security blankets. 

With a virtual shower you can invite friends and family from all over the country. You will probably have 100% attendance because people are home and have less today. Everyone will look forward to the event because it is an opportunity to socialize. The cost is minimal because everyone brings their own wine and food. Perhaps, the hostess will send a flower arrangement or balloon arrangement to the mother to be and gifts can be either shipped or delivered ahead of time to be open on zoom or everyone can open their gift and then send it to the mother later.

1) Zoom - easy for everyone to use. You can create a virtual room and send out the ID and password
to your guests on their invites. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. Keep in mind that
the free version of Zoom only
allows for 40 minutes. Ask someone for their login if you need!2) Skype - another video chat favorite of ours! It's also free and easy to use on any computer, tablet or phone.
It also allows for up to 50 guests and there's no time limit! 3) Facetime - free for all Apple users (sorry Androids) and allows up to 32 guests tuning in on their phones
or desktops.

4) Houseparty - a face to face social networking app, you can also use this platform which is compatible
with Android, iPhone and your desktop! You can play games on Houseparty, but there is an 8 guest limit.


Now to get the word out!  You can send an elegant paper invitation or an evite. Remember Grandmothers and aunts may not be as tech savy as the new mom and her friends so be sure to make it easy for everyone to join in the virtual fun. Make sure you include all the technical details for anyone who's not
tech savvy. Send out your invites well in advance and let them know where to send gifts if applicable.

1)Digital- if you'd like to keep your entire baby shower easy and virtual - digital is the way to go.
Send invites from sites like Paperless Post, or the classic Evite! This option is paperless and
still offers tons of different design options and cool features like music and gifts. You can send online
games and printouts to all your confirmed guests after their RSVP.
2)Printed Invitations  If you want to keep it traditional, that works too! We love getting a card in the mail
just as much. You could also send out digital RSVPS and then physical cards to all your confirmed
guests with game print outs and treats! 

Set the vibe of your virtual baby shower and decorate your background. Good news - you only
have to decorate the space that will be on camera! You can come up with a theme, use balloons, wall
decorations and anything else you want to add to your space. Balloon arch? Photo backdrop?
Get creative! You can even have a gender reveal shower by having all of the decorations either pink or blue .

Shower Party Games

You may not be physically together, but you can still play tons of virtual games. Here are some
of our favorite ideas. Have your guests come ready with paper and pencils.

1) The Price is Right - show your guests a number of different baby items and have them
guess the cost by writing it down. Have them all show their guesses to the camera at
the same time. The closest guess wins!

2) Scavenger Hunt - have a list of household items to hunt for and let your guests search
in their own homes in an allotted time. Those with the most items win!

2) How Big is Mama's Belly? - a baby shower favorite - you can still have your guests guess
just how big your belly is! Have them write down their answers and show the camera. Then
measure yourself on camera and pick the winner!

3) Printouts - get printouts for games like Who Knows Mommy Best?, Advice for Mom and Dad, or
Baby Mad Libs
and email them to your guests to printout and have prepared for the party.

At you can registry your wish list and our personal shopper will help with everything from gift wrapping, shipping and embroidering. If the name is still not decided; baby gifts can be sent back to us for embroidery after the baby is born.