Can Mothers Help Prevent Global Warming

Posted by on Aug 17th 2017

Can we as mothers help global warming with our choices for raising our children. Some say global warming doesn't exist. It is a product of our imagination. Our government denies it but all you have to … read more
What If you Hate your baby's Name

What If you Hate your baby's Name

Posted by on Jun 6th 2017

We have often wondered what happens if after a  while you decide that you don't like your baby's name?Namely Newborns has been personalizing baby gifts since 2003. Since the beginning of our busi … read more
What Are the Coolest Baby Gifts for a New Mom?

What Are the Coolest Baby Gifts for a New Mom?

Posted by on May 12th 2017

A new mom needs so many things for baby's first year. The big items like cribs and car seats are usually gifted by close friends and family at showers. But that is only the beginning. Baby needs so … read more

Support Small Businesses or they Will Disappear

Posted by on Apr 25th 2017

If we don't watch out , all of our small businesses will disappear swallowed up by Amazon. Like the name implies, Amazon is bigger and stronger than its competition and  offers goods faster and c … read more
What are Slow Baby Gifts?

What are Slow Baby Gifts?

Posted by on Apr 15th 2017

What is a slow baby gift? Well, fast baby gifts like fast foods are mass produced out of the cheapest fabrics and manufactured the fastest way possible. Slow baby gifts are just the opposite. They are … read more