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Corporate Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts are commonly given to friends and family to celebrate the birth of a baby. But when they are given to employees or business associates the simple act of giving a baby gift can take on new meaning.

Remembering that someone out of your close circle of friends has had a new baby shows that you are a person that goes the extra yard to show that you care about someone. It is an expression of appreciation to friends in your industry that your company is interested in them not just for the business they provide but as a person. A gift is a token of friendship and by gift giving you can create closer ties to the people you do business with. Giving a corporate baby gift separates your company from the competition.

When you send a baby gift to an employee who has had a new baby; you send a very important message. It shows that your company is interested in your employees as people not just as cogs in a wheel. Studies have found that employee loyalty and work ethics are not just the result of salary, but are the result the intangible feeling of belonging to a company that cares about them. People will work harder for a boss that they feel appreciates them than they will for a higher salary.

What type of corporate gift you give depends upon many factors. If your company is large enough to develop a signature gift with a company logo; this gift will gain significance way beyond the value of the gift itself. The people that receive it will display it as a trophy gift; one that shows their companies admiration and respect for them and their family. They will be proud to have their baby wrapped in a blanket with their company logo.

If you have a smaller company, you can still add your company's name to any baby gift you send. Or you can just choose a beautiful item and gift it to all of the baby's born to employees and corporate friends and we can put the baby's name and birthdate on the item.

One school we do business with had selected our Victoria Kids personalized blanket that sells for $110.00. Ten teachers in the school had received this blanket and then suddenly, a new HR person was put in charge of gift selection. She decided to change from this beautiful blanket to an assortment of baby items. The first time this new gift was received; we received a call from the teacher who had received it complaining that she had looked forward to the beautiful blanket that all of her fellow co-workers had received and she was disappointed. The school immediately changed back to the original blanket because it had become an unwritten tradition at this school that this was the signature gift and everybody looked forward to it.

We will help you choose a signature gift that is appropriate for your clients and employees and personalize it with names or your corporate logo.


Customer Service

Namely Newborns is more than an online store for personalized baby products and gifts. We pride ourselves on providing personalized service and attention to every customer. Each of our service professionals is equipped to dispense the latest gift advice, recommendations and address any questions or concerns you might have.

Our general email address is Emails are usually answered within 24hrs. For urgent inquires, please call us at (305) 979-9357.

Layette Essentials

Namely Newborns recommends these items for newborns and babies, from 0 to 12 months:

7 footies or sleepers
4 onesies
2 gowns
4 receiving blankets

coming home outfit
2 crib or stroller blankets

4 bibs
4 burp pads
2 security blankets

1 comfy cozy
1 stuffed toy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a crib or a bassinet for my new baby? 
It used to be so simple: you were going to give birth to a baby, so you needed a crib.  But now, like everything else, there are many choices, especially for the first few weeks. You could choose a bassinet, co-sleeper, portable crib, or crib.   And if you have twins, do you co sleep them or put them to bed alone? Consider your family's needs and start from there. If you're not entirely sure, and the time for a decision is drawing near, you may want to purchase something easy to move around, in case you change your mind.

What type of crib should I buy?
The crib is still the most popular option for the new baby. Even if they start out in a bassinet, they are going to eventually need a crib. Twins especially are encouraged to co- sleep in a crib until they are two or three months old. They are usually placed at opposite ends of the crib until they grow too large and begin interfering with each other's sleep patterns by kicking or moving.

How expensive are they?
Crib prices can range from very simple cribs at Sears for $100 or up to a $1000 at specialty stores like Bellini and Buy Buy Baby. Cribs come in  a large variety of styles, finishes & shapes -- pecan, honey, mahogany, white and almost any paint color including black. You can choose wood or iron, sleigh styles, or even round cribs. The most popular color is white.

What about a bassinet?
A bassinet is a great choice for the early weeks of your baby's life. Most bassinets have wheels so you can move it easily from room to room. If Baby's fussy nights are to be spent in your room or if you are breastfeeding, the bassinet is a great choice. But remember: while the small size of the bassinet is cozy for your newborn, after about six weeks most babies will need something larger. Bassinets are sold at most baby furniture stores.

I've heard about co-sleepers. Can you tell me more?
An alternative to the bassinet is a co-sleeper, which pushes up against the side of your bed and is perfect for the middle-of-the-night bottle or late breast feedings. It is simple: you pick up your baby, feed him or her, and put them right back in bed without leaving your bed and losing any extra sleep.

What are portable cribs?
The portable crib can be used for almost anything -- sleeping, playing, travelling. There are several models on the market with terrific features like changing table attachments, adjustable floor heights and fabulous mobiles. Most are collapsible which makes them practical for travelling. The Pack and Play is one of the most popular designs and makes travelling to Grandma's or the baby sitter's house much easier on everybody.

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