Gifts for Twins | Plush Silky Soft Baby Blankets

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The Best Baby Blanket for Twins

Yummy Extra plush baby blankets are available in blue or pink or gray and will enhance every baby's nursery. Choose pink or lavender embroidery for a baby girl gift or blue or green embroidery for a boy. When you want to buy identical gifts for twins but still want each twins' gift to be unique; you can always embroider one blanket in one color thread and choose a different color thread for the second baby blanket.

Silky Soft Baby Blankets are Extra Soft for Twins

Up to two free names is included on these plush 29 by 35 inch baby blankets feature a matching satin ribbon edge. Pick color below. If you would like the gray blanket , pick other. Add birthdate and other info at a small additional charge. 5-7 days delivery plus ship time.