Personalized Gifts for Twins - Luxe Little Giraffe Baby Blankets

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Twin Luxury Gifts

Twins are double the pleasure so double the softness they deserve with the luxe baby blanket by Little Giraffe. The most luxurious blanket on the market, this baby soft velvet embroiders beautifully to show off baby's name. For fraternal or identical twins you can pick out the same blanket and embroider the name in a different color. For baby boy and baby girl it is traditional to give a pink and a blue.

Luxe Baby Blankets for Twins

Personalized twin gift for twins are a lasting token of your thoughtfulness. Once a name or monogram is added to those super soft lux 29" by 36" blankets, their value is increased a million times. What fun the twins will have cuddled in their matching blankets that are distinguished by an embroidered name or monogram. Twins love their own items and the personalization will help them identify which blanket belongs to them so there is no any confusion