Personalize Lamb Baby Mat

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Lamb Baby Mat

Lambs are one of the most popular toys for a new baby.  A soft lamb baby mat for baby boy or baby girl is just the right gift for births and showers. Make them say “awww” at the baby shower. Soft, sweet, and wildly popular, our baby mats are built to last and are a convenient way to bring a piece of home wherever you go. Made with a luxuriously soft plush and a durable backside fabric. Baby Mats fold for easy travel. All embroidered details. Machine wash, air dry . Perfect for cuddling or lying on for tummy time; baby will love the soft fur to curl up in during nap or tummy time. This baby mat will be indispensable when you put it on the floor in any room in your house when you are on the computer or phone and you want baby safely next to you in a soft clean place.

Baby Mat for Boy or Girl 

Lambs are classic baby gifts from Bearington Bear. Personalize in block only. 31"of plush softness for baby to lie on, or drag around when he needs a friend Delivery 5-7 days plus ship time anywhere in the continental U.S.  Dimensions 31" by 23"

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