Bashful Dusky Blue Jelly Cat - Plush Toy with Name

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Dusky blue jellycat is super soft and a deep shade of  medium blue that is brand new to the Jellycat kingdom. This  jellycat will cheer up every baby and send him off to dreamland without a peep. 12" tall but a powerful buddy for life and so soft, it will be hard to put this little pal down. This is a finely created stuffed animal and baby toy manufactured in the United Kingdom.  The inspiration for their designs come from the latest fashion trends and their products are always irresistibly soft and cuddly.  Jellycat toys make great gifts for kids aged 0 to 99. We add a name to give it the personal touch with a expertly embroidered ear to distinguish the ownership of this proud possession. Add a name for $8.95 or three letter monogram for $7.95 in block font. Six letter limit on name. Delivered 5-7days plus ship time.

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