Organic Musey Mate - Personalized Lovey

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Organic Baby Gifts

Imagine the adventures baby Ryder  will embark on  every day when you buy him an organic musy mate lovey embroidered with his name. The whimsical animal characters on his security blanket with an elephant head will stimulate imaginative play and great opportunities for story telling. Baby will have such fun pulling on the elephant ears and nibbling the trunk of his animal friend. It's s win- win for both of you. He will be calm and soothed by his organic lovey and you will be content and relaxed knowing that the GOTTS certified 100% organic muslin provides the purest experience protecting him from harmful dyes and pesiticides.

This easy care Aiden +Anais product is machine washable.  His name is embroidered in gray  to make sure he never forgets his organic elephant lovey. Delivery to Sofie's shower free