Personalized Pink Organic Baby Blanket - Hand Loomed

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Organic Handwoven Pink Cotton Blankets

If you are looking for a hand end organic blanket in pink ; we will offer you a one-of-a-kind hand crafted baby blanket that is simply beautiful. If you want baby's first gifts to be organic and super soft; this awesome organic baby blanket  is sure to be a cherished childhood favorite. Organic gifts are always appreciated as a baby shower gift or naming gift. Organic baby blankets are kind to baby's soft skin and will keep him warm and cozy during his first year.

Personalized Pink Satin Trimmed Organic Blanket

 Handwoven Baby Blanket in Organic Pale Pink Egyptian Cotton in a Shadow Twill pattern and edged in satin. This blanket is soft for snuggling. Blankets are easily adapted for use either spread on the floor for play or for bedtime snuggling.  Blankets are woven entirely of cotton.  Machine wash gentle. Dry gentle. 34" by 36"