What's Fresh and What's Old for Baby Gifts and Baby Rooms in 2017

What's Fresh and What's Old for Baby Gifts and Baby Rooms in 2017

Posted by on Dec 31st 2016

As 2017 approaches here are Namely Newborns predictions for what's trending in baby stuff this new year.

It has been a year of gray. Gray clothing, baby blankets, bedding and paint. We see this continuing as gender neutral takes its place in the world of little ones and as kids clothing and fashion follows adult trends. Other notable changes are:

  • Dark wood and black are going out of style. If you are fortunate enough to afford a wood floor for baby's nursery, select the more modern oak, pear-wood or birch which are lighter and more uniform in grain. For carpets stick to cream or shades of gray to create a more open modern look. White is the still the biggest color for furniture and walls. High gloss designer white is a great trim color to contrast any wall color.
  • Anything flashy is out. Brass and gold trims on nobs or picture frames are now dated. Choose subtle neutral colored metals like pewters and nickel for door knobs, trims and accessories.
  • Forest green is predicted to be a new gender neutral color. We don't think it will replace gray; but look for it in stuffed toys and blankets as the new unisex color.  It can be paired with grays, blacks and whites to create a sophisticated color scheme for both baby boys and girls. Orange is no where to be seen and that was the big unisex color a few years ago and lime green has also disappeared as well as yellow. The only place we ever see yellow is on rubber duckies.
  • Brighter colors are in. Soft pink which has always been everyone's "go to" color choice for baby girl will be modernized to a deeper pink. Like wise soft blue will be updated to a deeper shade. Baby gifts will always be pink and blue but the colors will be deeper and more intense with accents of brown and gray continuing to be important in the fashion scheme.Wild and crazy designs are out. Organic and hand made patterns are in . Textured fabrics and anything that is organic or recycled will be very important. Baby blankets made of cotton will be treasured and anything made by a crafter will be a status symbol.

  • Cashmere will be the ultimate trophy baby gift. It is natural, eco-friendly and durable besides being the most luxurious fabric on the planet. Imagine your baby snuggling in a pure cashmere baby blanket embroidered with his name .

Baby gifts are always in and when they are personalized it shows your love and affection .