Are you tired of sending a baby gift and not getting a thankyou?

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So many babies are being born and everyone receives so many birth announcements! If you are like me; I feel guilty until I send the baby a gift. But so many new mothers don't feel guilty about not acknowledging the gift.  Are  you as tired as I am of hearing the same old excuses that the new mother is so overwhelmed she doesn't have time to write. In this day of social media; it is hard to believe that someone can't email or post a thank you on facebook; but it is still an issue and so many gifts are never acknowledged. 

At we get calls from aunts and friends of the mother asking he we really sent the baby gift out and can they have a tracking number. We always assure them that their gift went out and yes, there was a card with their name on it. So we have finally come to the conclusion that if the item is wrapped in a gift basket; it will be such a "wow" that even the busiest mother will have to feel guilty enough to acknowledge the gift. Everything looks more impressive when you put it together with cellophane wrap and lots of ribbons. Baby blankets, hooded towels, bibs, burps, stuffed toys, and baby books can all be arranged to create an awesome personalized baby gift basket.Once it is cellophane wrapped and tied with ribbon; it is quite impressive.

Gift baskets have a long history in welcoming the baby. Years ago, family members and communities had sewing circles that stitched and knitted little toys and clothes for the newborn. Hours were spent on preparing a layette for the new addition.The community would arrange all of this in a basket which would be delivered to the new baby once it was born.

The biggest draw back to a gift basket is the shipping. Shipping is a bit more expensive for gift baskets so we suggest fed ex or ups ground. It takes a few extra days; but the results are well worth it. Baskets come in all shapes and sizes but we like our light weight ABC reusable basket and our more traditional white wicker  basket.  The wicker basket has either a pink or blue gingham lining and the ABC basket is decorated in pastel shades of blue, pink and green so it is perfect for either a boy or girl. Almost everything can be tucked into these containers and shipped to the lucky baby and the fact that the basket can be used to organize toys or products gives it a second life.

We would like to know from our customers who have sent personalized baby gift baskets if they get a thank you. I would be they do.

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