The Birth of a Baby Makes an Ordinary Day Extraordinary

The Birth of a Baby Makes an Ordinary Day Extraordinary

Posted by on Sep 24th 2017

The birth of a baby turns an ordinary day into an extraordinary day. So we don't want you to ruin it by giving the baby just any old present. The old expression when you give someone what they want; you have given the best gift is just as true for a baby as for an adult. We know that  baby wants a soft toy and a blanket. They are looking for comfort and security. We have over 800 blankets and toys to satisfy any budget.

At we create personalized presents in our own unique way- ones that will become keepsakes  to be treasured. Our technique has evolved over time and we have collected items with character and worth designed with baby in mind. Our handcrafted gifts are finished with love and patience. Our embroidery is selected with care and attention to detail. Our team hand picks every embroidery color for each gift so that the shade of pink or gray that you select not only is the color you wanted  but the right shade so that your gift looks its best. We have a decorator's eye for color and style and we use it on every gift. Sometimes, we are torn in questioning the color choice that the customer has selected; when we know another color will look better. We take the time to email and tactfully suggest a better color match. We respect those choices for subtle creams and whites and take the customers preference over ours unless the color choice is clearly wrong.

We love to collect items that are unique and one of a kind. Hand crafted always stands the test of time. These are the gifts that will follow baby from nursery to college. Our collection of eco-friendly hand loomed cotton baby blankets are the finest cotton blankets available . The fringes are even hand finished. Our collection of custom blankets made in the U.S. allow you to design a gift that will be unique and match any nursery color scheme. With over 30 color choices for accent and field colors almost 700 unique blankets can be created. Other crafters offer dozens of designs in hundreds of fabrics so that the combinations are endless. Our team is always there to help you design what you want.

We know that baby's love stuffed animals. These buddies develop a smell and feel that signals comfort and contentment. Plush toys like Jellycats that are made in England are the highest quality. Nothing to endanger baby's delicate skin and sure to last a lifetime as their fur molds itself to baby's touch.  These too can be personalized with a name or monogram to enrich their value. They are available in realistic beiges and grays as well as soft pinks, lavenders and blues. Nothing is cuter than a bashful bunny jelly cat with your baby's name embroidered on one of it's ears.