Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Baby Gift

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The birth of a new baby is so exciting. The first thing most people want to do to help the happy parents celebrate is to send a gift. With so many choices, it is often hard to know what to send. Here is our top ten list of mistakes to avoid when selecting a baby gift.

1.The number one error  people make when buying a baby gift is to buy clothes in a small size.Tiny clothes are irresistible. But remember , babies don't always come out of the womb small. Secondly, they grow at a rapid rate and then these gorgeous tiny new born gifts are never worn.The new mother usually has enough newborn outfits. Either she has received them as a shower gift or purchased them herself for a take me home outfit for the hospital. The solution is to buy clothes in a six month or larger size up to a toddler two.

2. Be extra careful If you are buying a personalized baby gift. Do not embroider the name or monogram until the baby is born. Too many times, couples change their minds about a baby's name after he is born. I have heard comments like " he doesn't look like a ____! or how can I give this baby a name that my family wanted. I want to do what I want.

3. Make sure the baby's name is spelled properly.If you are sending a personalized baby gift; make sure you spell the name correctly. There is no one way to spell any name any more. And people even like to purposely choose a strange spelling of a common name like Sophie to make it unique. It could be spelled Sofie or Soffe .

4. Before buying a big item like a stroller or car seat; check with the mom to be. She may have a special preference and no matter how expensive or fabulous your gift is; it will not be used.

5. Don't be an item on sale for a baby gift. It looks like you're a frugal franny and this is not a time to skimp. If you are on a limited budget, there a plenty of wonderful items at reasonable prices like books and security blankets.

6. When buying a gift that is seasonal like a sweater, snow suit or bathing suit; be very careful when selecting the size. There is no point in having an absolutely beautiful hand knit sweater in a size that will fit baby in the heat of the summer or a cute bathing suit that will fit perfectly during Christmas.

7. Don't recycle a gift that your baby can't wear or doesn't work for you. Somehow, people always find it. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if the baby wears something given to your child in front of the people who gave you the gift first.

8. Don't send a baby gift late. Don't procrastinate. Buy the gift as soon as you get the announcement. No matter how elaborate a gift is when it arrives a year later; it is never appreciated.

9. Don't buy a  gift for baby that is not age appropriate.. For example, a bathrobe for a newborn is ridiculous when they can't even sit up.Baby shoes are so cute; but a two month old is not going need shoes. That goes for a fancy party dress as well; a newborn is not going to be able enjoy a dress when she is lying in her crib swaddled in blankets and spitting up over everything she is wearing.

10. Don't buy things that need to be dry cleaned. Make sure everything is washable.