Organic Bear Cubby Security Blanket - Apple Park Personalized Baby Gift

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Personalized Organic Baby Blankets

A security blanket is an important first gift for baby and when it is a 100% organic bear cub blankee and it is  personalized with baby's name, you have found the baby gift that will show your love for the new baby. Apple Parks  15" by 12" cubby security blankee is totally safe for baby to nibble on, chew on, smell and thoroughly love as it is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and certified free of harmful chemicals. This stylish organic bear is super soft and baby can cuddle this near his delicate skin without worries of harsh chemicals.

A baby can never have too many security blankets to comfort him. If this cubbie security blankee becomes his favorite, and it will, we suggest you buy more than one so your little one will not have a melt down when his favorite organic security blankee is in the wash. Personalization and professional gift wrapping available to make this a unique baby shower or birth gift. Delivery 5-7 days plus ship time of 2-3 days.