Organic Baby Blanket with Name - Cream Ruffled Baby Blanket

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Luxe Organic Cream Baby Blanket

The finest organic baby blanket made in America is so soft and so creamy with a ruffled silk cream ribbon trim to  delight baby boy or baby girl. A luxurious organic blanket for baby  to be wrapped in for christenings or namings. The blanket is warm and soft and will last through baby's formative years and become a timeless keepsake. 31" by 37" is a wonderful size to cover baby in the stroller or crib. The pictures show how the blanket has stayed fresh during the years.

Personalized Organic Baby Gift

Adding a name or monogram on this magnificent jewel created in the U.S. will enhance it's timelessness. Organic is the buzz word of the twenty-first century. Not only are you showing your love for the baby but you are conserving the natural resources of our planet by going green. Delivery is 5-7 days plus ship time.