Custom Color Block Quilt

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Modern Custom Baby Quilt

Baby quilts are an awesome gift for the newborns. Our quilt of many colored strips of soft cotton fabric is a lasting gift that will be treasured; it combines a popular modern design in bright colorful cotton fabrics with old fashion homespun quality quilting. It can be made in any size but  the most popular size for a baby quilt is 40" by 40" and that's how we are pricing it. If you would like a larger 40" by 50" quilt for a toddler this would be $560. Either size  can be hung on the nursery wall as a piece of art, thrown over the crib or used for tummy time on the floor.

An amazing custom quilt to hang or throw  over a bed. or hang on a wall 40 inches by 40 inches. Choose your own colors and patterns and we can create a keepsake . Price varies according to size and style.