Butterscotch Crib Blankee - Lots of Hearts

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Custom Heart Blanket the Best Blanket for Celebrating Baby's Birth

Celebrate baby's birth with a custom  blanket with a lot of heart . This custom soft knitted acrylic crib blanket is 36" by 53" which makes it large enough to cover baby in the crib, carseat or stroller. This oversized creation will last through toddler years and is guaranteed to be a keepsake because it is personalized. With over 24 base colors and 24 accents; there are over 600 combinations so that this will definitely be a one of a kind baby gift. Produced in the U.S.A. by a small company, attention is paid to every detail and we invite you to let our personal shopper help you design a color combination perfect for your baby gift. Also available in stroller size at $65.00. Remember to put the iniitals of the three names in the correct order for a monogram that has the middle letter larger than the other two. Initial of the first name, iniital of the last name and then the initial of the middle name. If you have any questions a member of our team is available to help you. Allow 3 weeks for delivery directly from the crafter.

Monograms are really cool and this amazing baby gift shows off baby's three letter monogram in all upper case antique Roman font. Shown in fushia and bleach white.