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Looking for a unique custom baby blanket made in America, check out our "monogram puzzle" the newest coolest design by Butterscotch Blankee. Available in 24 colors and 24 accents with 8 fonts. You can choose over 40 amazing color combinations to create a one of a kind 22 by 30 inch acrylic stroller blanket made in the U.S. where quality and craftmanship are carefully monitored so that your creation will be flawless. Shown in fuchsia with bleach white accents and Roman Font. The letter of the last name will be the middle initial. You can count on us to help you every step of the way if you decide to let your imagination run wild and create a brilliant fun color combination which will become a keepsake that can be used in crib, stroller or car seat to keep baby cozy. Delivery 2-3 weeks.

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