Line A Day - A New App for Journalling

Posted by Benjamin Targin on Aug 19th 2017

Years ago, new mom kept records of all of baby's milestones in a book. The memories of baby's first years are ones you will always cherish; but as a new mother you may be too busy to fill in a book or keep a scrap book about baby's first year. We heard about an amazing app from Benjamin Tarkin that may be just the thing to conserve these memories without spending loads of time. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have one place to collect all of your photos, thoughts and memories without spending hours putting it together.This app has many media and group sharing possibilities and could be fun for the entire extended family. It would be useful for saving highlights from so many things in your life. It might even be a way to bond with your friends and family and stay connected to the people you love the most. Here is Benjamin's article that we want to share with our readers.

"When we hear the word "journal," the first thing that often comes to mind is "time consuming" or "habit." In many cases, we associate the term "habit" with something negative, however, when it comes to journaling, it is a positive habit that we should all adopt. Unfortunately, although there are many benefits to journaling, very few people take the time to sit down for just a few minutes every day and reflect on their day. This is because they think it takes too much time, it is hard to get into the habit of doing so, or because they think it is hard to keep all of their memories in one place. That is where Line A Day comes in.

Created by a University of Maryland student, Line A Day is a journal-like mobile app with group sharing and media features. With Line A Day, you have the ability to remember anything and everything from your day in a simple and user-friendly application. Whether it is a highlight, a memorable quote, a deep thought, a line from a story, or really anything, this unique app enables you to remember and capture that moment. The best part is that by using the app for only a few minutes a day, your memories will last forever. With Line A Day, there are endless possibilities. Each day, users have the ability to capture the moment and reflect on their thoughts and feelings by adding text, pictures, voice recordings and saving a location. Users even have the opportunity to keep their entries private to themselves, or they can choose to share them in small groups of family and friends.

An additional feature, known as the "profile" feature, allows users to create multiple profiles to journal for different people or occasions. For example, if a parent wants to record highlights and memories from themselves as well as three of their children, he or she can create four unique profiles so each one stays separate from each other and there is no confusion.

Users can always view their posts either by scrolling from day to day, or by choosing to view all of the text on one simple page. Additionally, users can export the memories to a scrapbook or to wherever they wish.

Additionally, users can set a daily reminder time so that they never forget to journal and reflect on their day. Many prefer to receive this reminder notification at night before bed, as journaling before bed is a great habit to adopt. Some benefits include boosting your IQ, achieving your goals, improving your mental and psychological health and so much more. Journaling has even been proven to release stress and anxiety.

So the next time you and your family are out on a trip, or just spending valuable family time together at home, be sure to use Line A Day to allow you to fully capture the moment and to be able to return to that special time and reminisce on it.

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