Comfy Cozy

Personalized Gund Comfy Cozy

Baby Gund knows what baby's love . Buy one of their super soft comfy cozies and you will discover a secret weapon to soothe baby during stressful times as well as furnish him with a favorite keepsake.  We know once you add his name or initial; this will become his "go to" special friend for nap time or play time. Lambs, monkeys and spunky puppy dogs styles are very popular. What ever the style, mother's agree that these special pets make a great place to put baby down for a safe tummy time experience or to keep you company while you text or talk.

Comfy Cozy with Embroidered Names

Turn a personalized baby toy into an indispensable tool for improving baby's skills. Tummy time has become a mandatory activity for all babies. Because doctors strongly advise parents to place babies on their backs for sleep, babies don't get enough time on their tummies. Make this important time on their bellies, fun when you invite them to lie on a soft cozy furry plush toy.