Cashmere is Trending for Fall

Cashmere is Trending for Fall

Posted by on Sep 18th 2016

It's officially sweater weather and the stakes go up when fall arrives. Some babies wear sweaters but infants use their blankets as their cover up. To get a baby dressed and on trend with tempting fashion can gobble up an entire budget. The solution is to put most of your dollar into a luxurious baby blanket. After all , a blanket is like a good coat; it is the first thing seen when baby arrives in his stroller or car seat. It is the most noticed accessory when he is carried in the arms of his parents. It is the most important item in any layette. So choose carefully and find the finest blanket available.

To dress to impress, nothing does it like cashmere. One cashmere blanket can make everything under it look rich. There are cable stitch designs, patchwork designs or solids. If you want to splurge on one accessory , this is it. So pick a cashmere that is soft and durable . Choose either a practical color like pink or blue to match everything in baby's wardrobe or a gender neutral color like gray or cream to be a foil for  bright colored clothing. Gray or cream can be manly or girly depending upon the embroidery color or what you wear with it..Gray with pink or blue is trending now but cream has always been and always will be in style. Adding an embroidered name  to your cashmere blanket is an extra special touch which turns any blanket into a keep sake. Three letter monograms are always very elegant on any baby gift.

This fiber stands the test of time; we know because we use upcycled cashmere sweaters to create modern patchwork baby blankets. Sweaters are cut into squares, washed and rewashed and then sewn into a pleasing color grid of pinks or blues and lined with a soft jersey backing.

Careful hand washing with a mild soap and flat drying, will keep cashmere looking like new for years. It is a natural fabric that has no pesticides in its production since it comes from the fur on the underbelly of special cashmere goats. Naturally water resistant, it keeps baby's body at an even temperature as it breathes with changes of weather from cold to heat. So soft to the touch and kind to baby's gentle skin, it doesn't get better than being cuddled under a soft cashmere baby blanket with an embroidered name in script or block.