Embroidery Options

All 3 letter monograms are embroidered with the initial of the last name larger. The normal traditional order of the monogram is the initial of the first name, last name, middle name. If you wish all the letters to be the same size and the order of the three initials to be first name, middle name, last name, please let us know in comments.We can also embroider a two initial monogram.

Embroidery is available on any place you choose on the gifts. Personalization is embroidered horizontally and centered in the lower part of the blanket unless requested angled in a corner or else where. Thread colors vary slightly from samples.We will do our best to match the thread color to the product.


Embroidery Font: Block


Embroidery Font: Script


Embroidery Font: Butterscotch Blankees ONLY

Amelie           font-amelie.gif
Antique Roman           font-antiqueroman.gif
Copperplate           font-copperplate.gif
Corinthia           font-corinthia.gif
Halcyon           font-halcyon.gif
JD           font-jd.gif