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Personalized Twin Gift - Bashful Bunny Jellycats


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Twin Gifts with Names

Two jellycats in the same color or one jellycat in blue and one in gray is a way to buy a twin gift that has the same theme but are slight variations on the theme.Two bashful  Jellycats are twice as much fun as one. When you need a gift for twins, whether it is for fraternal or identical twins, the large  Jellycat Bunny measuring 16" is a beloved present. There's even a way to send both babies the same adorable plush toy and yet make each gift unique. Personalization is the key to creating a lasting and meaningful gift; but that doesn't mean the embroidery color on each item has to be the same color. Just as the babies names are different, so can the embroidery. 

Personalized  Jellycat Bunny Twin Gift

Here's our suggestion. If you would like to give both babies a jellycat bunny in beige; it's super cool to embroider the left ear of each bashful bunny in a different color. For twin girls; you might pick pink thread for one and lavender for the other or select two different shades of pink. For two boys; select one color in blue and the other in navy or red. Babies are so smart; they will recognize early on which is their bunny. This might even help them learn to read their very own name. Delivery is 5-7 business days plus ship time. 

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