Personalized Baby Gifts


 Personalized Baby Gifts

 Take Gifting to a New Level 
Welcoming a new child into a family or community is a common practice throughout the world. Celebrating a newborn's arrival and extending one's best wishes by sending a baby gift dates back thousands of years in sophisticated societies. Some studies trace this custom back to Roman times. Namely Newborns thinks that this important tradition can be made even better by sending a personalized baby gift. Our number one personalized gift is a baby blanket personalized with baby's name and often birthdate.

Baby Gifts with Names Become a Keepsake

A baby's name is the most important decision bestowed upon him at birth.The new parents have taken a lot of time researching and analyzing before they come up with their final decision. They know that once it is recorded on a birth certificate, it is permanent and only a court of law can legally change a name. Obviously they are very proud of this selection and will always appreciate a gift that bears a name or monogram. For the new parents in your life, a gift for the baby can be just as much a gift for them. When a personalized gift is sent, you are confirming your approval of their name selection. The beauty of a three letter monogram is it is subtle and it is a very sophisticated way to personalize a baby gift. 
In today's croweded world, many parents are seeking a way to make their children stand out and a choice of an unusual name is a symbol of individuality. The surname is usually a given; but there are  millions of choices for the first and middle names ranging from traditional to imaginative. A name is not something that is selected without a great deal of thought and time. Sometimes names are made up or combinations of pretty letters or representative of symbols in nature or places in the world. The sky is the limit when it comes to creative names. Traditional names can be the surname of the mother's family. Occasionally, you will find families that use naming patterns with all the childrens' names starting with a particular initial or using Jr. or numerals- II, III, IV. 

You will often see the same names used over and over again in families. While certain names are popular in different areas in different times in history, the repetition could represent a pattern. Many cultures believe in honoring their elders and do so by naming children after them. Angus Baxter in "In Search of Your British and Irish Roots" describes a pattern that was popular in England in the 1700-1875 period:

  • The first son was named after the father's father
  • The second son was named after the mother's father
  • The third son was named after the father
  • The fourth son was named after the father's eldest brother
  • The first daughter after the mother's mother
  • The second daughter after the father's mother
  • The third daughter after the mother
  • The fourth daughter after the mother's eldest sister
Because names are so important, a personalized baby present is the most impressive gift because it is a way to celebrate the uniqueness of each child. Whether it's something to help the little ones sleep, stay healthy, or develop their young minds, these presents are sure to make the whole family happy and if it is perfectly personalized with the newborns name or monogram, birth date and weight; it very likely will become a treasured family heirloom.