Lil Spot Snuggler - Puppy Security Blanket

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Lil Spot Security Blanket

Who has soft ears to tug on and smooth satin to tickle - 16" Lil Spot snuggler a gentle gem from Bearington Bear is the cutest new baby gift on the market. Gender neutral with soft tawny patches of minky trimmed with white satin, this is the greatest shower or birth gift for baby boy or baby girl. The ultimate security blanket for baby is so easy to love.

Puppy Love

Our soft little puppy security blanket is irresistible.Add names in a wide variety of colored thread from girlie pink to a handsome navy. Bright red, orange, deep brown and yellow embroidery also look great on the crisp white satin underside. 18" to love and cuddle; your baby will never want to be without his BFF. Delivery 5-7 days plus ship time.

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