Handwoven Fringed Baby blanket | Lavender Monogrammed

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Personalized Fringed Baby Blankets

Our pure soft 100% cotton personalized baby blanket shown in lavender is handwoven the old fashioned way by a hand loom using no electricity making it a wonderful eco-friendly baby gift for the green nursery. Lavender is a beautiful color for little girls when you are looking for something other than pink. Natural and chemical-free, fine craftsmanship is beauty's true measure and this completely washable Crib size blanket is  36” by 50”. This delicate BLOCK LACE square pattern is a beautiful textured weave and features hand knotted ivory fringe.

Fringed Lavender Cotton Blanket

Available also in a choice of pink, blur,rainbow or natural. Choose either baby's name or three letter monogram FREE and make this unique blanket a family heirloom. Woven on a hand loom and tied by hand by an award-winning crafter and his wife in the Berskshire Mountains in Massachusetts.Personalized items usually process in 5-7 business days + ship time (2-3 days priority mail). Make this your go to classic personalized baby shower gift

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