Cashmere Crib Blanket - Butterscotch Blankee Owl

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Cashmere Baby Blankets

Blankets with owls are a favorite for little girls and Butterscotch Blankees owl cashmere crib blanket is one of the most luxurious baby gifts in the world- luckily it is made in the U.S.A. where quality and perfection are carefully monoitored. Measuring 36x53, this  blanket is ideal for carseat, cribs and strollers. lWe love cashmere because it is the softest most natural fiber on the planet and it will keep your baby cozy and help her sleep through the night so that you can get a good night's sleep, too.

Personalized Baby Blankets Show You Care

There are nine gorgeous colors for the blanket and 9 color choices for the name and design and eight fonts. These choices allow you to customize this personalized blanket in the perfect color palette for your little girl. Allow three week delivery for this amazing gift knitted in cashmere in the U.S.A. where quality matters.

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