What Are the Coolest Baby Gifts for a New Mom?

What Are the Coolest Baby Gifts for a New Mom?

Posted by on May 12th 2017

A new mom needs so many things for baby's first year. The big items like cribs and car seats are usually gifted by close friends and family at showers. But that is only the beginning. Baby needs so much else.]Baby accessories are the finishing touch - the icing on the cake for a colorful nursery and a beautiful layette;

Here are the eight most important baby products for a newborns' first year

  1. Blankets
  2. Bibs
  3. Hooded Towels
  4. Onesies
  5. Hats
  6. Socks
  7. Security Blanket
  8. Plush Toy

Three luxury items to add:

  1. Wipe Box
  2. Quilt
  3. Birth Announcement Pillow

Nothing is more amazing than a first baby. Having a baby is a unique experience for the first time mom . She is entering uncharted waters and will need a lot of support. Let our personal shoppers help you select the perfect gift to help her along the way. Besides the essential baby blanket and towels, there are a wide variety of items that can make a newborn's first year more manageable.

In the first year of an infants life, stuff happens and there is a constant changes of clothing to keep him cozy and comfortable. After all, a new mom has little time to wash and dry clothes, so she needs plenty of extra thick and absorbent bibs, burps, receiving blankets as well as sleepers, onesies,sweaters and hats in her arsenal to make everything run smoothly.

Newborns are extra sensitive to cold. Remember in cold weather or air conditioning no one really sees what a newborn is wearing underneath his outer garments. Your child will always be well dressed in our custom sweaters and hats that will protect from the elements.

Be creative when it comes to gift giving and think of cool presents that will enliven the most important room in the house. Studies have shown that learning starts immediately; so the room that baby spends the most time in needs to be calming yet stimulating enough to encourage development. To add a bit of fun to the nursery include colorful book ends stuffed with favorite classic children's book. Reading will create memories and provide quality time for mom and her little one to bond. 

Add a decorative wipe box to jazz up the nursery dressing table. Just because the wipe box is an essential to any changing table, doesn't mean it has to be a ordinary plastic box. Make this a focal point with hand decorated trims and gorgeous fabrics embroidered with names or three letter monograms. fabrics that match the crib bedding or curtains can even be used to custom an amazing baby accessory.

A new mom will spend many nights rocking baby to sleep. Dress up even the plainest rocker with a custom pillow in richly textured fabrics or simple white linen with an embroidered name or monogram. The incomparable softness that this accent adds could be the difference between a pleasant feeding or an arduous task that leaves mom feeling exhausted and worn out in the morning.

Let our team help you find the thickest bibs and burps, the sweaters and hats that are knitted to perfection, the incomparably soft receiving blankets, the coolest clothes,the finest crafted wipe cases, and the top baby board books.

And remember it can all baby gifts can be embroidered with baby's name and birth date to make it extra special.