What are Slow Baby Gifts?

What are Slow Baby Gifts?

Posted by on Apr 15th 2017

What is a slow baby gift? Well, fast baby gifts like fast foods are mass produced out of the cheapest fabrics and manufactured the fastest way possible. Slow baby gifts are just the opposite. They are fine products that are stitched or knitted carefully, one at a time or manufactured in small workshops under close quality control. Slow baby gifts is a new buzz word for our goal to protect baby and the environment at the same time. The concept of "slow foods" came first with the goal of presenting healthy environmentally friendly food that was delicious because the ingredients were natural and were grown in a way that would be eco-friendly and not harm the environment. Thus the term sustainable became a code for food that met these requirements. Slow baby gifts are beautiful, handcrafted, often one of a kind products that are important to the health of the baby and the life of our planet.

Namely Newborns thinks that baby products can also be sustainable and help the environment. They can be produced from eco-friendly material like organic cotton or cashmere. They can be created by hand or manufactured in a work place that is smoke free and energy efficient. Baby gifts can be made of fabric that is easy to care for and requires no ironing and minimum drying. The amount of energy that is consumed to wash and dry baby clothes is overwhelming. If all moms tried to hand wash and line dry even some of the items, this would be a major energy savings. If clothes lines are not available; then drying on low or washing on cold can make a major difference in energy usage.

To encourage this energy savings; we offer cashmere blankets for babies which meet all of the requirements of eco-friendly. First cashmere is naturally organic because the fiber is not grown but created from yarn saved from the underbelly of cashmere goats. No pesticides are ever used on the goats and the fur grows back the next season with no harm to the goats or our planet. In addition some of our cashmere baby blankets are a nine square patchwork of recycled cashmere sweaters so that we are upcycling. This is the ultimate act of conservation and concern for the environment. These sweaters would be thrown out and now they are works of art because they have been stitched together by a crafter into a useful baby blanket that is both beautiful and eco-friendly.

In addition to cashmere, we offer an amazing hand woven cotton blanket that is hand tied. Cotton is naturally the king of eco-friendly fabrics. This blanket is hand woven on a loom operated by foot pedals so that no energy is used. Furthermore, the beautiful threads are tied by hand leaving no carbon footprint on the earth. Oversized and eco-friendly these beautiful baby blankets should be hand washed and air dried; properly taken care of these baby blankets should last for generations thus saving on energy, labor and resources. These 30" by 40" blankets are made in a small cottage in the Berkshires by a couple who has been weaving and creating the same beautiful blankets for 40 years.

Baby quilts are another eco-friendly product that is not only awesome but environmentally friendly. By reusing pieces of fabric we are saving on resources and the whole is truly more amazing that the sum of its parts because these heirloom quilts are keepsakes that will welcome baby into the world in style. The quilts are hand appliqued and the squares can be hand stitched. Many of the squares are even hand embroidered. The sewing machine can be used minimally to secure the edges and assure that the hypoallergenic batting is securely in place. These quilts for babies can be embroidered with names and are sewn one at a time with love and patience.

Organic baby toys and blankets are the ultimate slow baby product. The material is grown without pesticides in earth that has met rigid restrictions. No harmful dyes have been added to the fabric and their production pays attention to safety and quality. For the allergic baby or one who has eczema there is no better solution for his health than an organic bib , organic security blanket or crib blanket. When you wipe his face with his organic bib, you are guaranteed that nothing harmful will get in his eyes, mouth or on his delicate skin. When he sleeps or naps covered with organic fiber; you know he is safe. It is a small price to pay to ensure baby's health.

It is up to the parents to choose how they want to approach raising their child. Adding the goal or being environmentally sensitive and health oriented can make a big difference. We recommend looking for "slow baby products" for your next purchase.