The Number 1 Patchwork Baby Gift

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Baby blankets and quilts have been patch worked for generations. In earlier days it was a way of mending something and extending it's usefulness. Now it is a design concept that let 's you see the hand of the crafter and the work that has gone into making the item. It is a way of mixing materials and letting the sum of the parts create a more exciting whole.There is something about patchwork on any item of clothing that shows you really love that garment.

We love our patchwork baby quilts. They are the number one baby gift in patchwork designs. This process is really the only way to create a beautiful quilt for baby's nursery. Sewing together a variety of colors and fabric patterns results In a lovely design that will brighten up baby's room. You can create a monochromatic quilt of similar colors or use contrasting bold colors to create a smashing fashion statement. Beautifully hand appliqued animals, alphabet letters or anything you can dream up  can be sewn on the patches and the quilt finished with a matching or contrasting border. To make this creations even more unique, the finished product can be personalized with baby's name and birthdate beautifully embroidered in a rainbow of colored threads on the border. When these quilts are hung on the crib or displayed on the wall as a piece of handcrafted art, they become keepsakes to be treasured for eternity.

The difference between baby patchwork designs and fashion items for adults is that we always use the same type of fabric in each piece for a child .Although, adult patch work can be mixed media combining leather and cotton or velvet, this technique doesn't work in children's items. If it is a 100% cotton baby quilt, then every square must be 100% cotton. If we are designing a patchwork blanket of cashmere; every square has to be cashmere. The reason for this is that similar fabrics work better together if you are going to launder or dry clean them frequently. Cotton will shrink and wear  differently than polyester or  rayon. So if one square is cotton and another polyester, the item will not look as beautiful  once it is laundered. The lining of a blanket and the hypoallergenic fillers in the quilt can be a different fiber, but the entire covering has to be patched with the same type of fabric.

Luxury has always been about maintaining individuality. Patchwork guarantees that no two pieces are exactly alike. The 2016 fashion season for men and women is loading with awesome patchwork clothing. This year your baby can be just as stylish as mom and dad when he is covered with a super soft patchwork blanket or quilt.