What is the ROI on a Corporate Baby Gift.

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Personalized baby gift to your employees often delivers high ROI that cannot be stated on a balance sheet. It is intangible that is hard to measure in dollars and cents but the returns are very high. The feeling of being part of a company that cares is very important. What inspires people to work hard for a boss or company? What makes people jump on the band wagon and want to be a part of something. Why do some businesses have trouble keeping employees and others have applications on file for every position?

The CEO who take their company to uncharted heights, knows what it is. It is a making everyone on the team feel important. A kind word, a warm greeting and showing an employee that you care garners amazing results.

One of the easy ways to do this is to celebrate the milestones in the life of your valued employees. The most obvious occasions to mark are marriage and the birth of a new baby. We can help you celebrate the birth of all of the baby's in your company with a personalized baby gift with your company's logo digitized on a wide variety of baby items. No matter what your budget, we can help your create a gift that will send a message of caring. You can choose a hooded towel, a baby blanket with personalization, an article of clothing, a bib or a stuffed toy.

When an employee has a  baby gift with your company logo, it  is similar to owning an item from a favorite sports team or wearing a pin from a sorority or fraternity. It is a trophy that they can proudly display to show that they belong to something important. This is an amazing form of advertising for the company. For a few dollars the business has increased its branding.

How do you make sure that the gift with your company's logo will be used and readily displayed. The secret is by adding the baby's name. 

Personalization is the key!The parents think long and hard about the perfect name for the new baby and they LOVE to see their baby's name showcased on items that they will love and use. You can embroider the baby's three letter monogram or name and birth date prominently on the baby gift which will also have your company's logo displayed attractively on the item. The combination of the name of the company and the baby's name is a win-win for all concerned.