Why are Corporate Baby Gifts Important?

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Corporate Gifting is the number one way to show that your business likes people and has an interest in their personal life. Corporate Baby Gifts are an easy way of showing appreciation and value. A baby blanket with your business logo is more than the price of the gift; it is the sum of all of the values that your company holds dear. It represents a caring and concern for the people that are important to your company.

There is a lot of competition for highly trained employees. When a company wants to attract the best people, train them well and retain them for longer periods of time, they have to do more than just pay a comparable salary. Employees are looking for more than physical remuneration. They are looking for a culture that encourages employees to view their co-workers as part of their work family. Embarking on parenthood is a major life event. So, it makes sense that, rather than ignoring this milestone, companies are developing new ways to celebrate this time in an employee's life. We're big believers in any effort that makes the lives of new parents easier. The less stressed parents are the happier their home life - and baby - will be! Loyalty to their company will be a natural follow up. A company baby gift is the easiest way to show immediate interest in an employees life. Showing the company cares develops an incentive for  employees to work harder and put their heart into the business.The baby gift is proudly displayed and a statement to friends and family that I belong to an organization that cares about me and my family.

One of our signature blankets has become the " go to gift"  for every new baby born to teachers at a private school.  One day one of the hr team members wanted to change the gift to a different item. The teachers complained and stated that they looked forward to this blanket when they gave birth and they weren't happy with anything else. The baby blanket had taken on a life of its own; it was more than simply a blanket but it was the badge of belonging that the mothers wanted to share with all of the fellow teachers who had received the blanket before them.

Company clients also like to feel that they are more than a number on your line statement. Personal attention to events in their lives; brings amazing results. Everyone wants to feel valued! Recognizing the birth of a baby is more than just the value of the gift; but it is the sum of the parts that shows real feeling. Good businesses realize that relationships build profits. Clients do business with people not companies. 

A strong Human Resources department that keeps track of the personal events in employees and client's lives is an asset to any successful company. In our 18 years of doing business we find that personalized baby blankets with corporate logos are our most popular business gift items. Many hr specialists pick out a signature blanket in pink or blue and send us their corporate logo. Our embroidery workshop will digitize this logo and once we receive approval; our gifts are good to go. Every time, there is an employee or client birth, an email is sent to our team and we embroider the blanket with the logo , add the name, birth date or any information that is given to us, professionally wrap the company gift , add a  hand written baby gift card and ship the gift by priority mail. The whole process is accomplished with a simple email and with 7-9 days an amazing baby gift is at the home of the new baby.

Many hr departments have different methods of accomplishing the same goal. Some like to send us a po and be billed monthly; others like to  put their own orders in with a company credit card and some like us to keep a credit card on file. Our team is here to provide whatever services the company requires and assist them in finding the method that works best for them.

There are alternates to the signature company gift. Some businesses have different price levels and will select several different items for clients and employees. These companies will order one style for employees, another for executives and a third style for clients. Others will order a blanket or towel with the company logo and ask us to ship them asap without any additional personalization. to all of the new babies in their company.  Other companies will order a dozen or so baby blankets with logos at the same time and distribute them. Many organizations will design a gift basket with several logo baby items. 

Whatever your needs are. our team of personal shoppers, embroiderers and shippers are available at your convenience to make corporate baby gifting fun and easy. If you have a dream baby gift that you would like to create, we are here to help. You will be amazed at the results that a beautifully personalized baby gift will achieve.

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