Human Contact is our Gift to You

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Human contact is the new luxury item. At we are available to personally work with our customers every step of the way when they want a baby gift. Whether it is an expensive #cashmere baby blanket with a monogram or an adorable #plushjellycat with a name; our customers always get our undivided attention. Research is showing more and more disgust with orders processed by virtual assistants and shipped by robots. If you select a pink embroidery by accident for a boy's blanket; we notice it and call you. If you type a birth year of the future ; we notice it. A robot would never be able to realize that the colors don't work or are not appropriate and consider  that a customer might have made a technical error.

We are a small boutique with our own embroidery workshop. As the founders of Namely Newborns, you will always have the opportunity to talk to one of us when you want advice about what to send to a special friend's baby or what you would like your company to choose as a signature baby gift. We will always try to guide you to the right choice and we are not afraid to give advice. 

Before your personalization is processed; we look for obvious errors that send up red flags. We try to avoid mistakes before it happens.   Your selection is then embroidered in a smoke free workshop in the U.S. by people we have personally selected and trust. The finished products are checked for mistakes before the final stage of wrapping.

Once your gift has been embroidered to perfection it will be professionally wrapped by one of our team members on our wrapping table. Many times, we do the actually wrapping ourselves because we know what our customers want and we like to make it as beautiful as possible. Every thing in our workshop is pristine; only clean hands touch your #babygift. A gift card is written by hand, a $10 gift certificate is included in every gift and then the wrapped gift is put into a priority mail box and delivered by us to the post office. This #personalized baby gift represents our company and we want it to be the best that it can be. It also represents you and your good taste in selection something personal for a new baby. Nothing could be more important than an acknowledgment of a new life.

Science is discovering that in this new age of virtual reality; the true luxury is the human touch. Time is the most valuable gift that can be given. When you take the time to send a personalized baby gift with an embroidered name on a plush toy, baby blanket or hooded towel; you show that you really care to send the best. Your gift will become a keepsake to be used and cherished because it is a luxury.

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