Personalized Baby Gift Ideas That Keep Giving

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A baby gift that keeps giving sounds like an oxymoron. How can that be? When you give any one of these baby gift; you have made a difference in a number of ways. You have taken a positive step in helping the environment and provided jobs for crafters who work out of their homes.

Buy organic and give back to the world by taking a step to dealing with climate control.

Any gift made out of organic fiber is one less assault on the natural balance of things. Organic means no pesticides and no pesticides means that there is no toxic spill off into rivers and no damage to the fragile balance of nature. If enough people thought about buying organic then there would be a larger supply of products that adhere to strict government regulations that protect the environment.

Buy Handmade items like baby quilts and wipe cases and create jobs for artisans and others who work out of their homes

Baby wipe cases are made at home usually by young mothers who take the time at night after their little ones are sleeping to be creative. By supporting their home industry, we are creating jobs for women who don't want to work full time in the work place but would like to stay active. The same with hand sewn quilts; for these beautiful hand crafted works of art are also created in home sewing rooms utilizing left over fabrics. Quilting is a traditional craft that we can help keep alive by providing a market for hand sewn quilts.

Buy Recycled and Up cycled Products

Look for labels on products that sewn they are produced from recycled fabrics. Blankets can be made  of fibers spun from left over t- shirt fabric. Our cashmere patchwork blankets are hand sewn together from heirloom cashmere sweaters. By buying these products we are recycling quality fabrics and find new uses for them.

Buy a baby blanket produced on a hand loom

A hand loom leaves no carbon foot print because it is powered without electricity. Our 100%cotton baby blankets that are hand loomed in the Berkshires are a perfect example. The loom is pedaled by foot and then the beautiful lace design of the blanket has handing yarn which are hand tied to create wonderful cotton fringes on two sides of the blankets. This design has been woven for centuries the old fashioned way.

Buy Cashmere baby blankets

Cashmere is the original natural fiber. Harvested from the under belly of goats it is spun into incredible water resistant cashmere yarns. Anything made of cashmere breathes and regulates temperature. There is no harm to the animals when they are sheared and no chemicals are used in its production. Cashmere baby blankets are the ultimate luxury baby gift and are eco-friendly.

Everything we do can make a difference; so think carefully when you buy your next baby gift and try to select something that not only newborn will enjoy; but will help the planet.