Personalized Baby Blankets Are Keepsakes That Baby Can Grow Up With

Personalized Baby Blankets Are Keepsakes That Baby Can Grow Up With

Posted by on Aug 11th 2015

Personalized baby blankets are the number one baby gift at baby showers and births. Send a soft stroller blanket or a plush crib blanket as  your signature baby gift.These gifts  are meant to be cherished, but also to be used daily. Once a blanket is embroidered with a baby's name and birth date or a three letter monogram its worth increases and it becomes a keepsake. Blanket have an unbelievable amount of uses from a warm cover, to a security blanket or a clean place to put baby down while changing or engaging in tummy time or something to decorate and hang over the crib. Another important use is as a prop in a photo shoot. Nothing is cooler than to go down memory lane enjoying pictures of your little one with his favorite blanket at different stages in his growth. Imagine how much fun it will be to share these pictures of your baby at different stages of his development. You will literally see him grow as his image becomes larger next to his special blanket.

The mom of one of our favorite little guys who received a blanket from our company sent pictures of his first six months next to his favorite organic baby blanket. We are happy to share these pictures starting with his one month picture propped up beside the blanket , followed by his fourth month, and finally his six month blanket pic where he can sit all by himself.He is an adorable little boy who is alert and so strong for his age. His outfit changes because he is growing so rapidly that his baby outfits never lasts very long ; but he will never outgrow his organic blanket. It looks as fresh in his six month picture as it did , the day he received it. You know when you send a blanket embroidered with baby's name, your gift will not be tossed or re gifted.

The beauty of an organic baby gift is not only its sustainability, but its durability. Nothing is easier to launder and fluff up than a 100% organic cotton flannel crib or stroller blanket. Knowing that this pure product is kind to baby's sensitive skin and protects him from harmful dyes and perfumes is important enough; but once  you add the important ingredient of its fine quality and performance in the natural course of a baby' day - it's a real winner.

We love pictures of baby's who have received personalized baby gifts from so send us your pictures and we will send you a gift certificate.