Personalization Give your Baby's Layette a Sense of Style

Posted by on Jul 15th 2018

It is never to early to develop your infants since of style so that they will stand out from the crowd.

Style is a highly subjective quality. Some people have it and some people don't . Jackie Kennedy had it and she could wear white jeans and sun glasses and that became stylish. Today people desperately want to be stylish and if they are afraid they don't have it; they try to buy it. Go to any gathering and count the designer bags that women carry. The possession of designer items makes the wearer feel like they fit in. They have bought what they think is style. In the old days, people wore their school tie or colors to feel like they belonged to a club. Today, club admission is bling or a designer item. Is that what we want to teach our children, that they have to be like everyone else to be stylish.?

A better approach is to encourage our kids to be unique and develop their own sense of what is fun and attractive. To give them a head start;  begin with their layette and nursery items. Don't buy the name brand strollers or car seats just because you want to tell your friends that you have them or you want to parade your baby in the "in" brand.  Buy what is the safest most beautiful products on the market and trust your instincts. Personalize their layette so early on the have a sense of their own identity. Make them proud of their family name and the names you have chosen for them by embroidering them on their baby blankets, towels and baby blankets. Use their monogram on stroller liners and plush toys. Create unusual color schemes for their nursery and shop for clever accents . Add a custom baby wipe case in your very own fabric and add their name.

Here are five tips for creating a unique layette:

  1. Buy layette items that are unique and that are of the highest quality.
  2. Try to buy made in America.
  3. Look for handcrafted or made by hand.
  4. Select unusual color combinations like lavender for a girl or turquoise for a boy. Gray combined with pink or blue and brown combined with pink and blue are striking.
  5. Personalize everything with three letter monograms or names.

Be proud of what you select; don't let friends intimidate you into buy something just because every one else buys it. Your baby will pick up on your sense of style from any early age and develop their own sense of self worth and uniqueness if you let them stand out from the crowd from the minute they are born.