Our made in America blankets are back in stock!

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Namely Newborns is so excited that our two best selling blankets made exclusively for us in  America are back in stock.

It is not easy when you manufacture your own blankets. It is almost like giving birth in a way. You have to start from scratch and all the steps have to be complete before you have the final product. Fabric has to be selected and approved; satin has to be cut properly for the trim. Both sides of the minky fabric have to be cut the exact same size and then sewn together to provide the lush denseness that we want our babies to enjoy. The final product has to be inspected and shipped to its ultimate destination.This time we even created our own label so that we can tell all of the babies and moms that enjoy these blankets how to wash them and care for them so they can last for a very long time. 

When you are the sole creator of a product; the buck really stops here. You can't call a company to order; you can't be upset if something goes wrong. It is your responsibility. We have been patiently waiting for our order of two hundred baby blankets in six different styles. It has taken a lot longer than we expected; but the wait was worth it. Our baby blankets with free names are the finest blanket available in today's market for under $50.00

 We are very proud that our two of our specially made personalized blankets are back on our shelves. Our pink rose cuddle backed with the deluxe minky brown and pink dot and the blue rose cuddle backed with the luxurious brown minky with blue dots are ready to be personalized with names and birthdates for all or our favorite babies. Both of these blankets are double sided with two thick layers of minky connected by our elegant chocolate satin trim. We are waiting patiently for the rest of our order which includes everyone's favorite gray and blue dot minky blanket and pink and gray dot minky blanket with gray satin trim Gray has become a very popular color scheme for both baby boy and baby girl nurseries. .Luckily, we still have several of these gorgeous gray blankets with dots in stock until the reserves are delivered.

Three new blankets will make their debut this spring . These include a blue chevron minky and blue rose minky trimmed in blue, a hot pink dimple minky backed with a white background sprinkled with dots in shades of pink and trimmed with hot pink satin and finally a light weight single layer of luscious lavender trimmed in matching lavender satin. Products manufactured in America are carefully sewn and thoroughly inspected  But like everything in life; good things come to those who wait and we think these three new styles are worth waiting for.