Monogram a Baby Gift For Millennials

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If you are looking to send an amazing baby gift select something wonderful and monogram it with baby's initials. Your monogrammed baby gift will be a favorite for years to come. A monogrammed baby blanket or towel will be a keepsake that will be treasured. For a millennial, you might want to monogram a hashtag or their twitter handle on a gift.

Monograms have a long history; originally they were a royal signature or seal and actually carved on currency to mark the reign of a particular Roman and Greek ruler. In the Middle Ages, artisans - who know a good thing when they see it - began to use their monogram initials to personalize their work.Today monograms identify luxury goods like Louis Vuitton purses and luggage which sport the famous LV logo, Coco Chanel used the two interlocking C's to mark creations and these became symbols of wealth and prestige. Everybody wants a logo on their stuff to signify how important they are.. So these famous logos are simulated on copies made in China and India to replicate the luxury items. 

Nobility developed family crest or coats of arms and carved them on their doors and sewed them on their linens and wedding trouseas.  If they didn't have a fancy coat of arms and became important like Napoleon who was not from nobility, they created their own symbol. He  chose a bee, which once represented the ancient sovereigns of France, as a symbol of his Empire. Josephine his queen selected the swan, the symbol of purity, love and fidelity.These symbols are still all over France on fabrics and dishes.

Today anyone can have a monogram. It is a cool way to signify individual style. You don't have to make up a fake coat of arms. You can weave an identify by adding an embroidered three letter monogram or signal initial on anything you own. Just remember to put the letters in the correct order. If you want all of the letters the same size then the first initial of the first name is followed by the initial of the middle name and ends with the first letter of the last name. If you want the middle initial to be larger; the middle initial is the first letter of the last name.

If you wonder if personalization will still be important in future generations; you have to like no further than the social media of today's millennials.This next generation takes personalization to new heights.With personalized user names and hashtags on the rise, social media just might be monogram's soulmate. Indeed, the next wave of monogramming and personalization has begun to take shape. Now your Twitter handle (@namely achieves the same effect - if not more - as your monogram

Can you imagine  personalizing a baby blanket with memorable #hashtags so family and friends can easily tweet or post pictures of shared special events.

The world of texting and tweeting has gone acronym crazy; here are our favorites:

dwbh dont worry be happy

xoxozzz hugs and kisses and sweet dreams

ddg drop dead gorgeous

xoxo hugs and kisses

1<3u  I love you

lhk love hugs and kisses