How to Wrap a Baby Shower Gift?

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Baby Showers are fun events with plenty of gift wrapped presents of various shapes and sizes. This special day is an opportunity  to celebrate with the prospective parents about their upcoming baby's birth. Sometimes showers are couple events when it's a real social evening with drinks and hors-  douevres; sometimes it's a casual after work gathering with the girls to honor the mother-to-be. Often, the celebration can taken on a new dimension as a gender reveal party with decorations or a cake in the appropriate color to announce the sex of the baby. An air of mystery prevails when a gender neutral white cake is sliced to reveal a blue or pink interior. No matter what the format,  whether casual or elaborate- a baby shower usually requires a gift and if the name is known ; a personalized baby gift is the best.

The highlight of many baby showers is the opening of the baby gifts. Even if the mom has registered and has requested certain items, there is an element of surprise and festivity as she unwraps her presents and oohs and ahs over the gift even if she has pre-selected it herself. The excitement of knowing that the item actually belongs to her and will soon be used for her new baby far surpasses the pleasure of selecting items on a registry. Sometimes, the package will be a surprise item like an heirloom quilt or a luxury item that she has longed for but was too embarrassed to even list on the registry.

Whether the item is expected or unexpected, the way it is wrapped aids an air of intrigue and excitement to the festivities.Here are some tips and suggestions for a beautifully wrapped baby gift. No matter what type of gift wrapping is chosen ;make sure that the card is large enough to be noticed and secured with tape so it will not be lost.

1. Wrapping a baby gift in a deluxe box is the most beautiful way to present a personalized gift for a special occasion.Once a box is lined with colorful tissue paper, covered with brightly colored paper and tied with a bow, even an ordinary gift becomes a treasure. Check out our video at for detailed instructions in helping you create a smashing result by wrapping a white gift box in colorful paper and tulle ribbon.

2. Gift bags are the easiest way to show off a variety of items. Colorful toys, bibs, blankets , towels, pacifiers and even baby bottles can be collected and  tissue or cellophane wrapped. Even if the items don't match; once they are in the gift bag,  the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.  All of the items  tucked into a beautiful gift bag and festooned with a tulle or satin ribbon produces "wows".

3. Reusable wicker baskets not only make a great nest to assemble a wide variety of gifts; but the basket can make a handy trash can or container to use on the dressing table to store diapers and other essentials like lotions and cotton balls. A personalized gift basket should have a theme like animal friends or transportation of even just a color theme like all pink or blue. The trick to making a basket look terrific is to fill it with cut tissue or plastic to allow the tops of the items to stand out above the edge of the basket. The larger items should be put in first near the back of the basket and smaller items added progressing from the large to the small with the tiniest in the front of the basket. Clear cellophane should be wrapped around the basket and an elegant satin or fun raffia ribbon can secure the cellophane for the finishing touch.

4. Cellophane wrapping is another beautiful way to present a baby shower gift. The item can be rolled into a cylinder tied with curling ribbon and accented with triangles of matching or contrasting tissue. The gift resembles a giant candy that will receive a lot of praise on the special day. If this is a personalized baby gift; the cellophane wrapping allows the monogram or name to really pop out.