Here are Six Ways a Small Business can Compete with a Big Business

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What Six Practices Separates our small business from the big guys?

1. Personal Service is the Keystone for Success in a Small Business

At we think it is personal service that counts. Since 2003 my partner and I have been jumping through hoops to make our customers happy. Our goal is to have the largest collection of beautiful baby blankets on the planet. and to help customers find the perfect personalized baby gift as quickly and easily as possible.

2. Make what you sell unique.

We aren't trying sell exactly what the big companies sell because we want our baby gifts to be unique and super cute.When we can't find what we like; we design and manufacture our blankets in the U.S. These exclusive high quality blankets are lower priced that nationally known brands of the same quality because we don't have a middle man. The savings is passed on to our customers.Help customers design gift baskets and custom items like quilts and blankets.

3. Make your quality control perfect.

Our quality control is  amazing  because we are small. Every item is checked before shipping. Every item manufactured by other companies is scrutinized before we put it inventory. I am sure we have a higher than average return rate to our manufacturers because if there is a spec of dirt on a product; it is not acceptable . The item is returned  for a perfect product. I call my partner "eagle eyes"; because she can spot the smallest flaw or dirt mark quicker than anybody on earth. Our employees are trained to make sure that the embroidery is correct and that it ships to the right address in a timely fashion. 

4. Capitalize on the fact that you are small.

There are no middle level employees in our business . There are embroiderers and crafters and even shippers; but when it comes to the important decisions there are only the two of us .We understand the business backwards and forwards. We know the quality of the products, where they were produced and what baby gifts will work for any occasion. 

5. Return all calls personally.

When a customer calls, they receive a call back within 12 hours during a business day and bright and early Monday morning on weekends. All calls are returned personally.

6. Honor special requests.

If there are special requests like monogramming a secret message or prayer inside a quilt or adding a line of poetry to a blanket; we don't have to waste time asking whether it can be done. All of the decisions are made by us and if a request can be accomplished ; we will do it no matter how much time it takes.We will go to unusual depths to satisfy our customers wishes. If a unique gift basket needs to be shipped to Siberia; and if it is humanly possible, we will get it there. If a company wants a digitized logo on a corporate baby gift; we can take the time to get it right.It doesn't matter how many times the logo is sent back and forth for approval; we make it a personal goal to please our customer.

You can't give these special services if you have to answer to demanding stock holders or a tough boss. The bottom line is not our number one goal.Sure we would like to make a profit ; that way we can pay our employees and our rent. But we like to donate 25% of our money to charities; so the more we make , the more we can give away to kid's charities. But what we really want to do is to create something beautiful and make our customers happy. As savvy grannies, we want this endeavor to be fun. It is privilege to be part of the happiest event possible; sending a gift to a new baby is a wonderful experience.