Handcrafted Baby Blankets Made in the U.S.

Posted by on Aug 21st 2014

Handcrafted baby blankets made in the U.S. are a treasured gift and a must have for the new mom. A product made by hand reflects the hand of the artisan and is unique -  not mass produced; and a product made in the U.S. has higher standards than many items made in other countries. 

Times are very different today.Years ago it was presitigious  to send a gift made in other countries. Imported baby gifts were considered more expensive and desirable. People bragged about a blanket made in France or Italy. Once upon a time, everyone had a grandmother or aunt who would start knitting a baby blanket the minute they heard that a family member was expecting a baby. This is no longer the case, because today, grandma may be in the work force and auntie has no time to sit at home with needle and yarn.

If you dream about wrapping  your baby in a blanket that is lovingly sewn and created in the U.S., you need look no further than Namely Newborns. We have searched all over our country and discovered artisans that still make handcrafted baby blankets. One of our best selling balloon dot pink minky and blue minky reversible blankets is cut by hand and machine stitched in the home of a crafter in Connecticut. The ribbon trim is lovingly sewn on with a double stitch and each blanket is carefully examined before it is embroidered for you in our workshops. Our blue rose minky is shown embroidered with a three letter monogram.

Our beautiful eco-friendly cotton blankets are woven on a hand loom in a small workshop in Massachusetts. No electricity is used and the cotton is dyed with natural colors producing lovely shades of lavender, pink, blue as well as natural. This baby blanket has an old-fashion block pattern and the natural fringes are hand tied by the wife of the weaver. This couple has been producing the same handsome blanket the old -fashioned way for thirty years.

One of our crafters in Pennsylvania knits her blankets on a small machine in her home and adds beautiful knitted almost three dimensional designs like giraffes or bears. Below our giraffe blanket is shown in pink but is also available in blue. This blanket is as finished beautifully with attention to detail .

If you are looking for old-fashion service , we can promise that we will do our best to provide personal attention and help your find the baby product that will meet your expectations.